IEP Teacher Input Form (Model)
Thank you for providing your input about this student.
The student arrives to class on time.
The student brings required materials to class (i.e., pencil, binders, textbooks, etc.).
The student submits assignments on time.
The student organizes materials effectively (binders/folders include only necessary papers, and are arranged so that the student can quickly locate what is needed).
The student speaks appropriately in class (no blurting out or disrupting).
The student works hard and stays focused in class.
The student demonstrates the ability to access grades online (PowerSchool) and identify missing assignments.
The student effectively self-advocates and asks for help if needed (email or in person)?
The student demonstrates the ability to track reminders, assignments, and goals with their IASD planner (or online app).
The student completes all work currently due without complaining before engaging in other “free time” activities (YouTube, music, visiting, etc.)?
Please describe the student's content-specific STRENGTHS in your class (i.e., Eric has demonstrated mastery in solving one-step equations by scoring 95% on a recent assessment.)
Please describe the student's content-specific NEEDS in your class (i.e., Eric needs additional instruction in finding main idea. When asked questions pertaining to main idea, Eric answered with 40% accuracy).
What adaptations or strategies have you found most effective in supporting this student in your class?
List any behaviors of concern with specific, observable descriptions. See
Emotional Intelligence
OPTIONAL: If you have observed the student demonstrating one of these qualities, please give a brief description: 1) showing kindness to others; 2) expressing gratitude; 3) talking about emotions in a healthy way; 4) showing perseverance or shifting strategies when facing a difficult task.
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