Thompson PTO Involvement 2018-19
The Thompson student body has reached over 500 kids, the largest in recent memory! This means the Thompson PTO has a lot of work to do! In order to continue to fundraise our yearly budget and to offer a variety of enrichment opportunities and community events, we need a lot of parent involvement.

If you are just a little bit interested, please check off the position(s) and areas of interest below. This simply indicates your interest, it doesn't commit you to the position! The PTO board will correspond and/or meet with interested parents.

Thank you for your response.

Available Positions:
Set the strategy, vision and mission for the PTO. Recruit volunteers to participate in the PTO. Support fundraising efforts to fulfill the mission of the PTO. Manage the annual calendar, help facilitate school wide events, and liaise with the principal and teachers. Keep the larger Thompson community informed. Nandana Mewada will continue as co-president for 2018-2019.
Room Parents:
Each class has 2 room parents who act as a bridge between the PTO and the parents. Room parents responsibilities include collaborating with teachers to solicit parent support for classroom celebrations, creating a class list email group and sending out PTO communications about field trips, end of the year gifts and other volunteer needs for grade-level events. Room parents also assist teachers with grade-level projects and help with any additional needs.
Spirit & Appreciation Committee:
Organize monthly spirit days with various dress up themes. Manage and solicit volunteers for all appreciation activities including teacher appreciation week. Coordinate gifts for administrative professional’s day, nurse’s day, holiday and end of year gifts for staff specialists and custodians, among others. Plan for flowers for music and art teachers for spring concert and art show. Create and manage sales of spirit wear (t-shirts, sweatshirts, etc.) every other year. Organize the Community Collection Drive to help teachers with classroom materials.
Communications Committee:
Manage all PTO communications and marketing. Produce monthly print calendar/ newsletter. Website - maintain the Thompson PTO website and make updates to website as needed. Newsletter: Weekly Electronic Newsletter -put together the weekly newsletter (team of 5). Social Media- post to Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Photos - Update and manage photos and event postings to all Social media - Facebook, Twitter and the Thompson screen lobby. Publicity- communicate with local newspapers about events. Collaborate with event chairs to create all signage for events.
Fundraising Committee:
Set the strategy for annual fundraising goals for PTO. Manage fundraising committee. Direct Donation Drive - Manage the annual direct donation drive. Write and send letter, create visuals to encourage donations, etc. Manage Paypal account for direct donations and ensure transfer to Thompson PTO account. Events & Raffles - Manage all fundraising associated with PTO events and raffles. Amazon - Promote Amazon banner ads. Manage or confirm transfer of funds to Thompson PTO account. Box Tops/Stop-n-Shop Rewards - Promote Box Tops and Stop-n-Shop Rewards. Manage or confirm transfer of funds to Thompson PTO account. Find local fundraising programs among the community
Community Card Committee
The Community Card is one of the primary fundraisers for the Thompson School, earning us over $16,000 annually for Student Enrichment. The card costs only $10 and offers deals at now 40 local shops and restaurants, from Sept-Sept each year. Proceeds from the sale of the cards go to the PTO. Subcommittees and their responsibilities include: Contracts - negotiate deal terms with local businesses (March-May), write thank you notes to businesses (Sept). Production - work with card vendor to produce the card, including graphics and text (June-July), design and print flyers and to promote the card (June - Aug). Communications - distribute the flyers and posters to businesses and around town, create signage for the school, maintain the card details and where/how to buy on Thompson PTO website and Community Card website, promote card and where to buy via social media and local news publications (Advocate, Patch, Facebook), and update Thompson Community regularly on our progress toward our sales goals (August - December). Sales - set strategy for selling the card at local events like: Town Day (September), weekly Farmers Market (September - October), via other PTOs (August - December), at other local events (soccer games, street festivals, etc), empower Thompson families to sell cards to local friends and neighbors.
Enrichment Committee
Collaborate with committee to plan all enrichment programs both grade-level and all-school events. Plan a year-long calendar that balances enrichment opportunities in different areas: SOCIAL AND EMOTIONAL learning, ARTS: theater, music, dance, arts & literacy- author visits, STEAM: math and science-oriented, SOCIAL STUDIES: learning about different cultures. Write grants to pay for some of these initiatives. Collaborate with teachers to plan grade specific events that support the curriculum. Communicate with parents regarding enrichment events provided by the PTO.
Community Outreach Chair
One of the missions of the PTO is community building. As the student population grows, we need a dedicated person who will serve as a liaison to get to know and build stronger relationships with the Thompson community. The Community Outreach Chair will help us explore how to best serve our diverse community.
I would be interested in helping at the following events, if my schedule permits.
There are no parts too small in our PTO endeavors. If you don't feel like you have time to lead or join a committee yet, but might be available to pitch in from time-to-time during the school year, we would LOVE to have you as a resource! Tasks may include calling a vendor for pricing, photocopying, distributing flyers in classroom mailboxes, graphic design, printer run, data entry, etc. It is quite helpful to have a group of volunteers that we can potentially reach out to for these tasks. By being on the Help-As-Needed list, you are under no obligation, and can accept or decline as your schedule permits.
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