Drupal 8 Market Place Survey

I'm Ben Wilding, Managing Director of Cameron & Wilding, a London based Drupal agency. In a couple of weeks I will be attending DrupalCon in Dublin and I will present on "How is Drupal 8 working out for agencies?" on Wednesday 28th at 3.45pm in Liffey Hall 1.

This presentation is designed to take out the assumption, second guessing and word of mouth for agency owners and directors to really know what the commercial uptake is like and what types of current projects D8 is being used for now and in the near future. This will help us all understand the marketplace in more qualitative terms.

For this I need 5 minutes of your time to undertake a short survey (21 questions), which I will present in Dublin and share with those who participate.

It will only take a few minutes to answer the questions, but your insight will be extremely valuable in assessing how well Drupal 8 is doing in the marketplace. Everything will be treated confidentially and your email address will not be used for any other purposes other than to send you the results if your request them.

Thank you in advance for your collaboration and, hopefully, see you at DrupalCon in Dublin!


Where is your agency based *
How many people work for your agency? *
What percentage of your projects are Drupal focused? *
What other technologies (mobile dev, Node.JS, Java, etc) play a significant role in your agency?
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What other services (consultancy, design, hosting, etc) play a significant role in your agency?
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How many commercial (paid for by a customer) Drupal 8 websites has your agency developed so far? *
What's the average budget range of your typical website builds? *
What's the average budget range of your already completed Drupal 8 website builds? *
What are the industries / sectors you've built your Drupal 8 websites for? *
What types of websites have you used Drupal 8 for so far? *
How many Drupal 8 websites are you likely to complete in the next 6 months? *
What's the average budget range of your Drupal 8 website builds to be released in the coming 6 months? *
Do you currently face any challenges selling Drupal 8? If yes, please give further details.
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What are the most common competitors to Drupal you come up against in tenders and pitches?
How important to your agency in the coming 12 months will Drupal 8 be? *
Have you considered not offering Drupal any more and moving to other technology? If so, why and what would you change to?
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Can you share any gotchas (things that were surprise problems) with your Drupal 8 projects?
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What must Drupal do in the coming 24 months to stay highly relevant?
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How do you think we as agency directors can help with that?
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By how much do you feel your agency will grow in the coming 12 months? *
What did your agency do towards supporting the release and transition towards Drupal 8? *
If you wish for a copy of the survey results be sent to you please leave your name and email address.
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