Lindale Soccer Association - Schedule Change Request Form
Please use this form to reschedule any games to ensure the correct allocation of referees for that game. Submit one form per requested game change.
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Please submit this form within 48 hours of your scheduled game. The Association may not be responsible for providing referees for your game if appropriate time isn't given for your request. *
Your Name: *
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Teams Playing (ex: Team A vs. Team B): *
Requested Move FROM (Date & Time): *
Requested Move TO (Date & Time) - If scheduling a game during the week, PLEASE make sure that the time proposed is during your (or your opposing team's) practice time and day to ensure the field is reserved for you. *
Minimum # of Ref(s) you are Requesting: *
Are coaches from both teams aware of the change AND you have their consent in writing? If so, you will need to attach a screenshot of the text/email/communication that shows their consent. *
Acknowledgement: Filling out this form does not automatically approve your game for rescheduling until the Director of Operations approves of the change. Upon approval, we will contact the requestor with a response. *
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