Evangelists, Missionaries, and Ministers Under Other Appointment Report Form for Conference Statistician
The report form if you are a pastor, missionary, evangelist, teacher, etc., but not currently preaching at a Pilgrim Holiness Church.
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Name *
Name of person the report is for.
Address *
Your present mailing address.
Phone Number
Home phone or alternate phone number if you have more than one cell, but no home phone.
Cell Phone Number
Cell phone number.
Email Address
The best email address to reach you.
Report Year Ending
Should be the year that we are currently in.
Sermons Preached
The total number of sermons that you have preached anywhere.
PHC Revivals Conducted
Only include revival done at Pilgrim Holiness Churches please.
Other Revivals Conducted
Include all revivals other than ones done at Pilgrim Holiness Churches.
Prayed with for Healing
Number Baptized
Marriages Conducted
Funerals Conducted
Children Dedicated
Days Spent Attending Zone Camp
Work days Spent at Zone Camp
Days at Ministerial
Days at Annual Confrence
Gifts and Donations
Total Receipts
Total income
Miles Traveled
Please type your name to affirm that all the above information is accurate to the best of your knowledge.
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