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Payment options include: Cash, Cashiers Check, Personal Check, Credit Card via Paypal storefront found on my webpage (extra fees applicable), or Venmo (mobile app).

Please Remember:

I am as unobtrusive as possible and strive to not distract you or your guests while recording your ceremony.
Please ask the officiating clergy if there are any restrictions at the ceremony venue.
They are often more open to accommodating you and your special requests than accommodating me.

I will be putting a wireless microphone in your jacket pocket about 15 minutes before the ceremony. This is very important to properly record audio during the ceremony. Please do not turn it off after I put it on you. Nothing you say in this microphone prior to the ceremony will be recorded. It will not be amplified throughout the church at any time. Once the ceremony begins, it will be recorded only on video. Feel free to say all the beautiful things you naturally would say to your bride during the ceremony. I will remove this microphone right after the ceremony.

Still capture pictures will be taken from the video footage and provided to the client, the resolution will be much lower than that of a professional photographer’s pictures. The still shots can be printed, but you should not expect any printed picture to be larger than 4x6 (anything larger will likely be grainy). The still shots are best viewed online or via a digital screen (for example: on a social media site or on a mobile phone screen). Still capture pictures will be uploaded to an online photo album and available for download.

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Getting Ready Address (if choosing Platinum package)
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Ceremony Location Name & Address
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What is your photographer's Name and Phone :
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If you have wedding coordinator or consultant, please provide their Name and Phone :
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What time is the bride arriving to ceremony ?
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Name of Clergy person (if known) ?
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Who will be providing music :
What type of meal will be served :
Do I need to bring a meal for myself ?
Please check events that are planned, if you do not know, that's fine... I will do my best to be where the action is at all times !
Are you driving away at the end of the reception or staying ?
Video coverage ends at :
Please feel free to give me more details. The more I know about you and your wedding day....The better your video will be.
** If there is anything special you want me to try and capture or anything specific you want included or excluded from the edited video, please include the details here.
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Production Agreement
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Payment options are:
This is the "fine print" of the contract, please let me know if you have any questions or concerns before signing.

Refers to Lawrence Williams, its lessees, contractors or sub-contractors, employees, agents or servants. Please read both sides, because the terms on each side are part of this contract. If any portion of this agreement should be determined to be invalid, it is agreed that the invalidity of such portion shall not affect the validity of the remaining portions of this agreement. By signing, Client certifies that they have read both sides of this contract and agree to the terms and conditions.

A firm and binding agreement exists between Studio and Client only after agreement has been properly executed and all fees paid at least one month prior to the event. A retainer must be paid at the time of booking with the balance due and payable one month prior to the event date. This initial retainer is made to secure the exact date for the Studio services. It is the Client's guarantee that the Studio will not book someone else in Client's time slot. The retainer is non-refundable. Should Client not pay the balance due one month prior to Client's event date, Client's retainer will be forfeited and the Studio will be under no further obligation to Client. If the event date is changed to a new date within one year and the Studio is available on the new date, the Studio will shoot on the new date and apply the retainer to the new date minus a $100.00 rescheduling fee. A new contract must be written for the new date and all payments including balance paid at that time. No refunds will be made if wedding is postponed or canceled a second time. If the Studio is not available or if the event is canceled, the Studio will refund Client's money less the non-refundable retainer and the Client must notify Studio immediately in writing. This agreement supersedes and replaces any previous document, correspondence, conversation or other written and/or oral understanding. Any controversy or claim arising out of or relating to this agreement, or breach thereof, shall be settled by arbitration and judgment upon the award by the arbitrator(s) may be entered in any court having jurisdiction thereof. The parties waive trial by jury, to the extent permitted by law, and expressly agree to mediation in any action or proceedings brought by either party against the other, or any matter connected with this agreement.

It is understood that the Studio reserves rights to exclusive use of the recorded footage and reproduction, and you are acting as agents for all guests and grant the Studio rights for display use of recorded footage produced under this agreement.

The Studio is the exclusive official videographer retained by Client to cover event. Studio is granted full production and editorial control by Client regarding all aspects of the production and post-production services for this event. In the case another outside video production company is present, the Studio has cause to discontinue coverage and no monies will be refunded; or the Client will be charged an additional $100 per hour for each videographer present not associated with Studio. In the case a particular segment of the event is either not recorded, partially recorded, or not a part of the edited footage, it is at the sole discretion of the Studio and producer of the video recording. If something occurred at the wedding that Client does not want to appear on the final edited video, Client must instruct Studio before editing begins. If there are any errors, Studio must be contacted within 2 weeks of delivery of final edited video so corrections can be made. Editing errors are corrected at no charge (example: spelling or DVD doesn't play). After two weeks, Studio is not liable for any requested changes. Additional re-editing after video has been edited will be charged at current rate of $150.00 per hour for editing and labor plus duplication fees. Allow an additional 10-12 weeks for reedits. The Studio reserves the exclusive right to edit all footage. Additional copies will be made from the original master and by the Studio. Client is granted only a license to use production for private nonprofit uses, unless other permission is granted in writing by the Studio. Original footage is not available to Client and are owned by the Studio and maintained for an undetermined amount of time.

Client warrants that he/she has the legal rights to anything the Studio will record including photos, audio, music and any other elements used in Client's video. Client agrees to indemnify and hold the Studio harmless for any loss, damage, or liability for infringement of any rights arising from the use of footage. Client assumes all responsibility for obtaining any necessary permission, clearance permits, access to, hook up fees and admission which may be required to video the event. The video is for private home use only, and the Client assumes full responsibility and liability for any public performance or display of the video.

The Studio liability is limited to refund of money paid. The Studio takes the utmost care in producing Client's video. In the unlikely event that a problem arises and the Studio is unable to provide any video, all monies paid will be refunded. The Studio is not responsible for loss of video or audio quality due to restrictions or conditions (example: light or wind) at event locations. The Studio does not guarantee any particular shot, effect, interview or special request. If Lawrence Williams has personally committed to being the primary event videographer and in the very unlikely event that an emergency arises (extreme sickness for example) and is unable to perform the services, the Client will be notified immediately and all money paid will be refunded to the Client. If this were to occur, every effort possible will be made by the Studio to recommend and secure another quality videographer for the Client. This is the extent of the Studio's liability. Your Primary videographer is Lawrence Williams.

The disc you receive is 100% DVD-R compliant and needs to be played on DVD-R compliant players only. There is no guarantee that your DVD-R will play in your DVD player if not on approved list.

If video coverage is greater than 5 hours, Client will provide a vendor's meal to the videographers when guests are served.

Client must provide a safe working environment and is responsible for any damage to equipment done by guests. Shelter must be provided from rain, extreme temperatures and humidity, in these conditions video may be limited.

Overtime will be billed in 1/2 hour increments at the current rate of $200.00 per half hour, until such time as the Client has departed, informs Studio to discontinue, or prearranged to end coverage.

Parking fees (valet or self parking), for each videographers car will be charged to the Client.

Including: Invitation, Program, Music, Directions and Planning Guide are due one month before event date. Production material delivered to Studio after event will not be included in video production.

Will be approximately 2 to 6 months after event and all pre production material is received by Studio. The completion period is only an approximate length of time and any longer periods necessary for completion will not void this contract. The Studio cannot accept responsibility for material lost or damaged in transit.

Package Details
GOLD Package - $ 1000
- 6 hours in total coverage (1 hour setup, 1 hour ceremony, and 4 hours reception coverage)
- 1 Cameraman, 2 Cameras during ceremony (1 manned and 1 unmanned)
- 1 camerman, 1 manned/roaming camera during reception
- Wireless microphone attached to groom’s lapel
- 150 Still capture pictures taken from video (uploaded to online album)
- Highlight/Montage Video (set to song of client's choice)
- Three copies of the final edited DVD
PLATINUM Package - $ 1500
- 8 hours in total coverage (Bridal Prep, Ceremony, & Reception)
- 2 manned cameras during ceremony
- 1 camerman, 1 manned/roaming camera during reception
- Wireless microphone attached to groom’s lapel
- 300 Still capture pictures taken from video (uploaded to online album)
- 2 Highlight/Montage Videos (set to songs of client's choice)
- Entire DVD video uploaded to internet (in High Definition mp4 format)
- Five copies of final edited Wedding DVD
Optional add-ons
(you can choose add-ons to include with your package)
$ 10 Each additional DVD copy
$ 100 Guest interviews during reception
$ 100 Entire DVD video uploaded to internet (in High Definition mp4 format)
$ 150 Each additional hour of coverage
$ 200 Raw footage
$ 200 Highlight/Montage Video (set to song of client's choice)
$ 200 Blu-Ray (High Definition) Disc for final video (2 copies)
$ 25 Each additional Blu-Ray copy (only applicable with Blu-Ray Disc addition)

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