Aavishkaar Fellowship
Thank you for choosing to apply for Aavishkaar Fellowship. We are glad you want to be a part of the challenging educational journey with team Aavishkaar. This form is your first step into the selection process. We want you to take your time and give due thought to each question. While it will capture several pieces of essential information, it is also meant to give insights into you as a person. Please be as descriptive and articulate within the word limit given for each question.

Round-wise application deadlines and the outcome dates are mentioned below:

Round # Deadline Outcome
1 15-Feb-20 1-Mar-20
2 10-Mar-20 25-Mar-20
3 10-Apr-20 25-Apr-20

Partial applications will not be considered.

We encourage you to go through the Fellowship Leaflet before starting with this application to learn more about Aavishkaar and the Fellowship. Should you have any questions, please direct them to: career.aavishkaar@gmail.com or contact us on +91 8626878945.

Good luck!
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