Floor Wars FWA 2019 Signups
Please read the Floor Wars Official Rules, Terms & Battle Format document before signing up: https://lastfurone.com/fw-rules/

Floor Wars FWA 2019 will feature a 1-versus-1 Mixed Division (or "everyone versus everyone"). This means fursuiters and non-suiters will compete against each other in the same division, completely randomized. We're exploring this format in order to continue providing competitors with options as to how they compete, while maintaining the same excitement you see in one-on-one action.

IMPORTANT NOTE: There will be a "preliminary" event at the convention for all dancers that sign-up. You will also be able to sign up at the preliminary event itself, until the organizer begins the battles. We will be announcing all changes and sign-up updates as registration continues - make sure you keep an eye our on our Twitter and website for all announcements.

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By participating in Floor Wars, I agree to respect and adhere to all terms & conditions outlined by the Floor Wars Official Rules, Terms & Conditions, which can be found via link at the top of the submission form. I also acknowledge the responsibility of being fully prepared in costume and present for the event at least 30 minutes prior to event start for roll call, and if are not on time, acknowledge that replacement may occur.
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