Ottawa Futsal Club - 2017 Survey
For Parents with children registered in OFC Futsal
How many children do you have registered in OFC Futsal? *
For how long have you had children in OFC Futsal? *
How did you first hear about Futsal? *
Do your kids also play outdoor soccer? If yes, please select which league. *
Do you as parents play soccer or futsal? (either parent, currently or in the past)
What other sports do your kids play? *
Do you get good value for money with OFC Futsal?
Just enough value
Great value
What features/benefits of Futsal (and OFC) do you like the best? *
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What improvements would you suggest to be made?
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Would you have your children participate in more Tournaments if you had the opportunity? *
Would you consider outdoor summer Futsal with the Ottawa Futsal Club for your children?
Would you consider smaller group specialized training sessions for your children?
What types of specialized training would you like to see that you think are important?
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OFC is offering the opportunity for ages 4-14 and Women (all ages) for Recreational Summer Futsal. Which would be your preference?
What other languages do you speak?
If you would like to be part of a parents focus group (e-mail based) to help shape the future of the league, please enter your email below:
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Thank you very much for answering this survey!
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