Remote Meals and Internet Survey
This survey is being used to determine needs and supports for this period of remote learning, in the event that this period extends beyond Thanksgiving we would like to be prepared to meet additional needs.
Do you want school meals for your children? *
If you selected delivery, please list the delivery address below. Someone would need to meet the bus at the stop on Mondays and Wednesdays. *
Please list any children (under age 18) with name and age for whom you need lunches (We need to develop a check of list to track meals picked up or delivered). *
Is internet connection available from an internet service provider at your home? *
What street do you live on? *
What do you use for internet connection to remote learning on remote days? *
What type of device are your students using to connect? *
What barriers, if any, are your students experiencing during remote learning? *
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