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We're back! Sign up to run an activity in Spark Station. Most panels will be limited to one hour, if you feel you need more time, let's talk about it. Please apply, tell me what you're thinking, and we'll do our best to make it happen!
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I'd like your REAL name here. We'll talk about your panelist name in March.
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Most communication will be done here. I'll send reminders to other places if you wish, but the content will be here.
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Tell me the best way to contact you if you don't reply to email:
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Okay, so now tell me your Facebook name, texting number, alternate email or whatever...
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Just let me know the gist of it here. I'll ask for a Program Guide worthy description in March.
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Supplies *
As a Specialist, you will be expected to provide the materials for your activity. Due to budget restrictions, we can't provide everything, but are willing to share whatever we do have, and will consider requests for stuff we don't! Let us know here anything you're looking to use from our stock or that might end up being a cost to us. (You'll have another chance to be more specific later, I just want an idea of what this activity would cost CoreCon.)
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This will help dictate WHEN your activity will happen, as well as who your expected audience will be!
Anything else you want to tell me?
Related to your activity. I mean, I guess if you really want to tell me about the time your ice cream melted all over your hand and you couldn't get to water to rinse it off so you had to lick it off which led to a very awkward moment when you looked up from cleaning your paw like a cat and saw that there was a crowd of people watching you including your boss, go right ahead. Oh, was that oddly specific?
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