Adult Staff Application - Imaginorium Wizardry Academies 2019
Wizardry Academy is great fun for kids of all ages (even those of us who call ourselves "adults"). We need our staff to make the magic come alive! All staff get discounts for their children to attend and memories of a lifetime.

You can work with us for just a few days, for an entire program, or for all five weeks. Pay will be negotiated based on experience and role.

After you fill in the application form, you will be contacted by Headmistress Imaginoria for an interview.

1. At least one year post high school graduation or 20 years of age (if you are younger than this, you should apply as an ELF).
2. Obtain a Rhode Island BCI (criminal background check) from the Attorney General's office before the program begins (more guidance will be provided if necessary).
3. Attending a staff orientation is required (schedule TBA).
4. Willingness to wear a costume, act silly, and have fun.
5. The ability to follow appropriate boundaries and NOT engage in sexual harassment or misconduct of any kind.

1. Helping to create the Wizard Academy environment for our campers (including willingness to wear some sort of costume or costume accessories).
2. Arrive on time for my scheduled duties.
3. Follow the lesson plans, if teaching, or the guidelines in writing them.
3. Being a role model for the junior staff (ELFS) and campers.

Email address *
Muggle Name *
Your full legal name
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Preferred Name
Do you prefer to go by a different name (in muggle life)?
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Magical Name *
What do you want to be called at the Imaginorium Wizard Academy? Some of our faculty have chosen to connect their character name to their roles, so if you wish to teach a class, you may try to find inspiration from your class. Others have taken their names from affinity they have for nature or magical things or an adaptation of their muggle name. Once you have a name, unless your role drastically changes, we would prefer you keep it and build on that persona year after year. If you are unsure of your name, write "undecided," but be aware that if you do not choose your own name, one might be chosen for you.
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Preferred pronouns? *
Mailing Address *
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City, State *
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Zip Code *
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Phone Number *
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Do you have a child or children who will be attending an Imaginorium program? If so, what are their names?
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Which program? *
The Imaginorium is offering three summer programs in 2018. Which are you planning to join us for (you may check more than one)?
T-shirt size *
All volunteers will receive a free Imaginorium Academy T-shirt. These are standard adult sizes. If you need a different size (smaller or larger), please list under "other."
Extra T-shirt
Some families like to order an extra T-shirt, for younger siblings or parents or so the student can wear it more often without having to wash. Students and staff will only receive one free T-shirt, regardless of how many Imaginorium programs they participate over the summer. Extra shirts are $10 each. Please list the size and quantity.
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Full-time or part-time? *
Do you want to participate in the program the entire time? Just a few days? (If you are planning on full-time for just one program, still mark full-time)
Days and Times Available *
What specific times and days are you available? (or, if it's easier, what times/days are you NOT available). Our classes are in the mornings, so this is the time we need the most staff, but we need people all day.
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Returning? *
Have you attended an Imaginorium program as a student or staff member in the past? If yes, please list programs and dates.
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Which role? *
Please read job descriptions on the website if you have questions. Guides have no outside responsibilities other than training, so they are very good positions for beginners, but we really do need people for all of the jobs. If you are only available to help sporadically (not for a full day), consider signing up as a Floating Ghost. You may check more than one.
Education/Experience *
What relevant education/experience do you have? Have you worked with children before? In what circumstances?
Your answer
Do you have any of the following skills?
Which House
All staff members will be part of one of the four houses. If you are a returning staff member, please rank the house you were in as #1. Rank your choices 1-4 with 1 being your first choice.
Stonedragon (gold, dragon, strength, earth)
Waverider (blue, narwhal, peace, water)
Windhorse (green, pegasus, love, air)
Phoenixfire (red, phoenix, hope, fire)
Guide Class
Guides stay with individual class groups through many classes, supporting the professor in different lessons. You must be available for at least one full day (both weeks are even better - kids love to get to know their guides). If you want to guide a class, which age group would you prefer? If you have a specific child you wish to guide (like your own), please note under "other." If you have a specific child you think you should not guide (like your own), note that.
Potential Professors
Which classes might you be interested in teaching? (lesson planning support is provided). Classes are listed more than once because they will be drastically different from one program to another. They are listed in order of the three programs - 1=Theatrical Wizardry, 2=Rainbow Wizards, 3=Mini-wizards. Check as many as you like. If you prefer one more than others, feel free to write that in under "other."
Do you identify as any of the following?
What is your knowledge/fan level of Harry Potter?
Why do you want to work on staff at the Imaginorium Wizardry Academy? *
Your answer
How did you hear about the Imaginorium Wizardry Academy? *
Your answer
Contact in case of emergency (name and phone #) *
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Food allergies or health concerns
Staff are expected to bring their own lunch, though we do have snacks available for students and staff. Do you have any food allergies or dietary concerns? Any other health concerns or limitations we should know about?
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Program Philosophy *
I understand that the Imaginorium accepts and teaches diversity of race, religion, class, sexual orientation and gender identity and will support these teachings. (initial please)
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Photo and Video Release *
You may use photos and video of me on the web and in print to promote the Imaginorium Educational Collective. (initial please)
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Agreement to Code of Ethics *
By typing my name as an electronic signature, I represent that I am this person applying to participate in the Imaginorium Educational Collective Summer Programs. I agree to follow the safety policies of the Imaginorium. I will avoid ANY inappropriate, demeaning, derogatory, or disrespectful behavior. Each individual in the community is expected and encouraged to show respect for every other individual, their belongings, the physical space, and everything in it. I will take active precautions to prevent unsafe situations. Alcohol, illegal drugs, tobacco, weapons, violence, and sexual activity will not be tolerated under any circumstances. Leaders shall refrain from engaging in sexual, seductive, or erotic behavior with children, youth and adults in the community. Neither shall they sexually harass or engage in behavior with children, youth and adults which constitutes verbal, emotional, or physical abuse. Leaders need to be aware of the strong influence they have in the community. It is expected that their influence will be used positively. In case of violations, appropriate actions will be taken. As an adult or youth in a leadership position, I will abide by this code of ethics.
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