2019 Fall NC Community College Transfer Tour | Senior Institutional RSVP Survey

The North Carolina Community College Personnel Student Development Association (N3CSDPA) welcomes our senior institutions to the annual NC Community College Transfer Tour! We are glad your institution is participating and hope you will designate a representative(s) to visit as many of our NC Community Colleges as possible. This will provide our mutual transfer students the opportunity to visit with as many of you as possible. They look forward to your visit as they consider next steps in their academic journeys!

– Each senior university/college transfer admissions representative visiting one or more colleges on the tour must complete this Senior Institutional RSVP Survey for ONLY the community colleges s/he will visit. This will allow for accurate headcount and consistent one-to-one communication between your representatives and the coordinating contact for each participating community college.

– If your institution must either make changes in its representative(s), or completely cancel its intended visit to any community college after completing the RSVP survey, please be sure to inform the contact person at that community college as soon as possible.

Contact us with any questions at N3CTransferTour@gmail.com. A designated transfer tour planning team member will reply as quickly as possible throughout the tour. Thank you for your participation and safe travels!
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