Gendered and Sexual Violence Disclosure Form
This form allows for the SSMU membership to make disclosures regarding instances of gendered and sexual violence within the community. For clarity, the SSMU community is defined as: all McGill undergraduate students, all non-undergraduate members of SSMU clubs, services, and ISGs, SSMU employees (full-time, part-time, and casual) and volunteers, members of Legislative Council, Judicial Board, and the Board of Directors, and any visitor on SSMU premises.

Any submissions on this form will be received by the Sexual Violence Policy Implementation Coordinator, and if necessary, the SSMU Vice President (University Affairs). Disclosures can be third-party or anonymous, and will only result in further action being taken if the discloser states that they would like to see this happen. They will be confidential unless further action is necessitated. If an investigation, sanctions, or accommodations are desired, information shared in a disclosure will solely be disseminated to relevant parties.

Additionally, disclosures regarding McGill faculty and staff can be made through this form. Teaching staff are not within SSMU's jurisdiction, and consequently complaints would need to be pursued through McGill policies. Regardless, these disclosures can result in the Vice President (University Affairs) informing relevant administrators of incidents perpetrated by faculty and staff.

Disclosures (anonymous, third-party, or otherwise) will not necessarily result in sanctions against a perpetrator of gendered and sexual violence-- evidence and/or written testimony are necessary for a formal complaint to occur. If you would like an investigation or sanctions to occur, please provide contact information so that follow-up is possible. You will not be identified to the perpetrator in question.

SSMU acknowledges the long-term effects of experiencing or witnessing gendered and sexual violence, and encourages individuals making disclosures to seek support in ways that they see fit. Resources can be accessed at

If you are having difficulty accessing this form, or have any questions, please contact Bee Khaleeli at

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