How does the R.A.R.O Residences work?

1. R.A.R.O residences are at least 1 month long. There is no maximum.

2. You can chose at least 2 studios where you can work. You will spend at least one week in each studios. Depending on the times available in each atelier, the week can or can not include weekends.

3. Once you arrived to Madrid, you will present your project to the artists and studios where you'll be working, along with other guests and the R.A.R.O team.

4. During the period of residency, you will be participating in different cultural activities accompanied by the R.A.R.O team. These may include: openings, lectures, workshops , seminars etc.

5. At all times you will have the R.A.R.O team support. This include any help with materials , accommodation, contact with institutions , etc.

6. R.A.R.O team will do a follow up with video and photographic coverage. We update our Facebook - Instagram - Vimeo pages weekly with the process of your residency.

7. At the end you will have the option to show the work produced during the residency either with an exhibition or with an open studio.


1. Choose where you want to develop your project.


2. Keep in mind that residencies are at least 1 month long and they have to take place in a minimun of 2 studios.


4. Take into account that each studios manage their schedules differently.

5. Send us a 10 images portfolio maximun, with your most recent work to raromadrid@gmail.com

6. R.A.R.O's team and our studios will do a selection process, defining times and arrangements for your project.

You will have our guidance at all times.
R.A.R.O residencies prices will vary depending on the studios you pick, and the length of the residency
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