USD 248 Continuous Learning Student Feedback Survey
We want to be sure we are meeting your needs as a student during this time. Please answer the questions below honestly. You won't be providing your name on this survey, so your answers will all be anonymous.
What grade are you in?
How are you feeling? You can choose more than one answer.
If you are struggling or need assistance, please call your school office.
GHS (620)724-4326
GMS (620)724-4114
RVH (620)724-4327
How has school gone for you?
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What has been the best part of your school week? You can mark more than one.
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Which of the following have been your biggest struggles with school work this week? You can mark more than one.
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How much time are you spending on schoolwork each day? You can just give an estimate.
What type of support do you have from adults during the school day?
Do you have anything else you want to tell us about your experience this week?
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