NCAI Fellowship Application
We offer 11-month fellowships beginning at set times throughout the year. Fellowships are for individuals with an undergraduate or graduate degree. NCAI fellows serve as paid staff of NCAI during their fellowship.

If you have any questions or concerns about this application, please feel free to contact Whitney Smith via email at

Application Process
You will also be required to complete personal information fields including tribal affiliation, areas of interest, and three references.

Please be prepared to answer the following questions. Your answers will enable us to properly assess your candidacy for the Fellowship.

Question 1:
Write a short personal statement describing your work and education experience, community involvement, and other accomplishments to date, and how they provide you a solid foundation upon which to build a career in service to Indian Country. (500 words max)

Question 2:
What role do you envision playing in service to Indian Country 10 years from now? What are you currently doing to advance you down that path? How will a fellowship with NCAI help to prepare you for this role? (500 words max)

Question 3:
What do you consider to be the single most pressing issue facing Indian Country and why? Please use relevant facts, data, and/or stories (with appropriate citations) to support your issue choice. (500 words max)

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