ADS-B Upgrade Questionaire
This form will ask questions to help determine your needs for your aircrafts transponder upgrade to ADS-B compliance.
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What is the Aircraft N- number?
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What is the make and model of the subject aircraft?
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What voltage is the aircraft system and lighting?
What altitude is the aircraft certified to?
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Do you want a solution for ABOVE or BELOW 18,000 feet?
Does the aircraft currently have a WAAS/SBAS GPS receiver/navigator on-board?
What is the make and model of transponder in the aircraft?
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Do you want ADS-B “IN” capabilities to display on equipment?
What other avionics do you anticipate displaying ADS-B “IN” data on?
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Do you want Bluetooth or WiFi connectivity for IPad or other tablet, etc?
Do you currently have traffic and WX displaying on avionics?
Do you want diversity (two antennas) for the aircraft?
Is there a preferred manufacturer of equipment you wish to utilize?
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