Digital Naturalism Conference Application (application closed Jan 30)
June and July 2018
Koh Lon, Thailand
Deadline to apply: January 30, 2018
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This application is to learn about what you want to do with us! We will use this information to help plan a fun diverse conference. Keep your answers SHORT and DIRECT! In 5 sentences (max) describe in basic terms the project you will work on at the conference. Examples include writing an article, building a device, creating art project, documenting research, conducting a biological survey, or leading a performance. It can be big or small, but it needs to be something you can finish enough to get constructive feedback from others.
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Digital Naturalism Themes
There are four broad themes we might use in this conference to help spur creativity and discussions. Projects need not be limited to these concepts whatsoever. Rather they should just be used for inspiration and as a common design language to aid discussion.
Which Digital Naturalist Theme(s) might you categorize your project into?
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Briefly describe how your project connects with the any of the Digital Naturalist Themes above or the general concepts involving DIY Technology, Art, Science, or Naturalistic exploration. (5 sentences max)
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I understand that I will be solely responsible for everything keeping me happy and healthy including: my own safety, equipment, food*, and transport to this event. (Due to an anonymous donor, it looks like we will be able to provide free vegetarian food for participants!!) *
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