Dare Kennel Application for Flat Coated Retriever
Our Goal is to find the perfect match between our puppies and perspective buyers. This application process allows us to determine if we have a puppy that will fit your lifestyle and wants. A number of temperament and aptitude tests are performed as well as daily observations of each pup. Typically WE match you with the puppy we feel best suites your wants, interests, and needs. While perspectives owners may have a limited choice of pups"…we feel best able to determine the right match for you. We would not want to put a hard driving field dog with a family looking for a laid back pet. Likewise, if you are serious about competition, we want to assure we have the dog that will fulfill your needs in those venues also. We simply may NOT have what you are looking for; in which case we will refer you to other breeders and refund any deposit. The well being of our puppies is our primary concern. We want everyone to be happy with the new addition to their family…after all this is 10-15 year commitment. Filling out this application does not guarantee you a puppy. We reserve the right to return a deposit at any time if we feel we do not have a suitable puppy suitable.
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