Besom Christmas Hamper Offer Form 2019
If you would like to give a Christmas hamper through The Besom in York this year, then please fill in this form with all of your details and details of the type of hamper you would like to make.

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Please indicate what size of hamper you would like to make. If you are wanting to make multiple hampers in a range of sizes, please select other.
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Please indicate if you would like to make a hamper for someone with children of particular ages, or from a particular background, or with any specific dietary requirements.
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We aim to match and deliver hampers geographically so please indicate which area of the city you live in or would like to give to.
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Please confirm your consent for us to keep your data securely over the Christmas period. After the season is over, we will delete your data. Our data protection policy can be found on our website.
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