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We can't wait for you to be a part of our very first cohort of the Startup School for Genomics and Biodata starting in November 2020.

Once you've submitted your application, we'll be in touch to arrange a short Zoom call to review your application, get to know you, and to help us to match you with a 'buddy' for your Startup School learning journey.

Applications close at midnight, Monday 26th October, and places are limited.

The Startup School promotes equality and celebrates inclusion, we believe that diversity and collaboration are key to innovation.

And the best part? It's absolutely FREE to join for the time being.

For further details on the Startup School, please visit:
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Thank you for applying to take part in our Startup Schoool- it's going to be fun! We will be in touch with you soon with more details. Yours, the Startup School Team
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