New Designs Charter Schools Local Control Accountability Plan Update: Student Connectedness Survey
This survey seeks to gather information about school climate that supports a positive learning and working environment to promote academic success among all our students at New Designs Charter Schools. A safe and caring environment has a positive impact on student learning, student achievement, parental involvement, respect for teachers and staff as well as other adults as in the school.

Please answer all questions in this survey by choosing one option that best represents your position using the scale provided below each question or statement.

1. Tell us about yourself:
2. I attend school at:
3. My grade level is:
4. I like my school.
5. My school is a supportive and inviting place to learn.
6. The students at my school listen, follow directions and try hard.
7. My school is a safe place where bullying and disrespect are not tolerated.
8. I understand my school`s rules and consequences.
9. The adults and students at my school respect each other`s differences (girl/boy, race, culture and disability).
10. The adults and students at my school believe all students can learn and succeed.
11. The adults at my school pay attention to me and help me when I am in need.
12. The teachers at my school understand their subject matter (e.g., math, reading, etc.) and are prepared to teach every day.
13. The teachers at my school have confidence in me and challenge me to do my best work.
14. My school provides the textbooks and supplies I need to learn.
15. My school provides help for students who are learning English.
16. My school is clean and in good condition.
17. The students at my school are friendly.
18. I look forward to attending school most days.
19. In general, students respect teachers, other staff and administrators.
20. Students at my school care about one another, treat each other with respect and get along well with one another.
21. My school encourages students to feel responsible for how they act.
21. My school encourages students to feel responsible for how they act.
22. The rules at my school are fair and the adults treat all students with respect.
23. My school clearly communicates to students the consequences of breaking school rules.
24. My school handles student discipline and behavioral problems well.
25. The teachers here go out of their way to help students.
26. My school work is challenging and rigorous.
27. My school provides students with the opportunity to use technology in all areas of learning.
28. At my school, students may participate in specialized programs (e.g., GATE, AP, Accelerated College academic programs and career pathway).
29. This school is welcoming and facilitates parent involvement.
30. This school provides curriculum and instruction that is relevant to real world application.
31. This school helps students to graduate by providing college workshops and fairs.
32. This school helps students to graduate and prepare for college by providing a rigorous college preparatory curriculum
33. This school helps students stay engaged and motivated to attend school regularly.
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