Psychology Club E-Board Application
Thanks for your interest in becoming an officer of the Psychology Club!

We are looking for someone who can help us transform the club and is motivated to help other students improve. No experience is needed, just a passion for psychology and making events that would benefit other students! We currently have three positions available: Marketing Director, Event Coordinator, and Historian. Although each position has a specific focus, work is divided among all officers.

E-board responsibilities primarily revolve around event planning and often include COSO/ASAB paperwork such as registering events, ordering items and securing other necessary materials or services, and marketing events. Each position typically requires 1-3 hours of work per week.

Note: You do NOT need to be a Psychology major to apply! All motivated students with an interest in psychology or social science are encouraged to apply!

Please submit your application before FRIDAY, MARCH 6TH AT 5 PM.

For more information, contact Andrew Ly at
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