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For artists, artisans, crafters, makers, performers and all creatives:

This is for individuals or organizations who work, live, exhibit, perform, volunteer or contribute in any other way to the arts and culture of the city of New Bedford. There is no obligation or cost to take part.

By summer 2019, we will launch a dedicated website for Arts + Culture in New Bedford. Our intention is to feature this directory online, as well as offer social networking, professional development, resources and toolkits.

Currently, we are promoting members of the Creative Directory on Facebook with hashtag #NBCreativeDirectory

Thank you - your participation is greatly appreciated.

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This is required. If you do not have a quality photo of your work, there are many online examples of how to do it. If your work is in an area that does not produce a visual product, please submit the logo of your company or your headshot. Several samples are included below. *IF YOU HAVE TROUBLE UPLOADING, PLEASE EMAIL YOUR PHOTOS TO ARTSNEWBEDFORD@GMAIL.COM
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