Go & See Proposal | 2019 CCDA National Conference Dallas
In addition to the learning opportunities featured at Hyatt Regency Dallas for the 2019 National Conference, we are offering Go & See opportunities to explore Dallas, meet CCDA member organizations and churches, and see the neighborhoods. Go & See opportunities can feature workshops, ministry tours, or city tours. Go & Sees provide conference participants an opportunity to visit the neighborhoods and communities of our host cities—learning from local practitioners and partners and experiencing the history and unique qualities of the city. In an effort to make this the best learning experience possible for everyone we want you as an organization, ministry, or business to plan your time according to the needs of your Go & See along with the type of transportation that your organization or ministry chooses.

Go & See opportunities can be designed using the following framework, depending on the site, context, and purpose.
Lunch – All Go & See Workshops and Ministry Tours must provide lunch. City tours must include a lunch stop. This is a great opportunity for networking and fellowship, and makes the best use of participant time. CCDA and the host team can work with the Go & See host to seek lunch sponsors.

Workshop - Go & See Workshops consist of two to three different workshops, offering practical tools and insights garnered from the day-to-day practice of CCD. Go & See Workshops offer the opportunity for participants to learn from CCDA practitioners living in the neighborhood.

Ministry Tour - Go & See Ministry Tours offer participants the opportunity to experience an entire neighborhood and observe how multiple groups are partnering together for community transformation.

Workshop & Ministry Tour - Go & See Workshop and Ministry Tours are a synthesis of a workshop and tour of the neighborhood.

City Tours – Go & See City Tours offer the opportunity to see and experience the historical, natural, and commercial sites of the host cities.

Go & See opportunities will be offered only on Saturday, October 12th. Participants will depart from Hyatt Regency Dallas at 11:00am to travel to the host site and depart from host site at 3:00 pm (some Go & Sees may require a little more time), returning to the Hyatt Regency Dallas. Each host is responsible for programming their own schedule and transportation within this timeframe. The Local Dallas CCDA Host Team has a Transportation Action Team that can support you with transportation to your site.

Pease note: Once your Go & See proposal has been submitted, the Go & See Action Team and CCDA National Office will review and contact you.

August 23 , 2019
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