Youth Initiative Grant Application Form 2017
*Please note you cannot save your application to complete at a later date. We recommend writing your answers in Word first and then copying to this form when you are ready to submit.
Project Name: *
Youth Contact Information:
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Partner Organization Contact Information:
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Group Information
1. Describe your group and the Partner Organization supporting you. *
2. Explain your project. *
3. Describe how your project will engage youth. *
4. Which United Way focus area does your project align with? *
5. Which issue(s) are you addressing within the selected Focus Area? *
6. How will your project benefit the other youth? *
7. What is the timeline for your project?
8. How will you measure the success of your project? *
9. Budget
• Please take the time to research the costs of your project. Applications that show detailed item descriptions and exact costs (example: $112.97) will be more likely to receive funding.

• Your total should not exceed $2,000. Even if your project is estimated to cost over $2,000 please do not ask for more on this application, only record the costs you wish to be funded for. You may ask for less.

*Please add dollar amounts for each category below
Materials and Supplies
Transportation Costs
Food Costs
Training Costs
Equipment Costs
10. Other Sources of Support:
Use this space to list any other sources of support that your project may be receiving. Be sure to include any financial donations and/or donated goods and services. *
Decision Criteria
These are the questions that GenNext will be discussing to guide the investment process.

1. Does the project engage youth?
• Are youth the driving force behind this project or program?
• Does it promote youth leadership?

2. Does the project benefit the community?
• Does it fall under one of United Way’s focus areas?

3. Is the project clearly defined and realistic?
• Is it cost-efficient and budget conscious?
• Will this project run without this youth grant?
11. Please email your signed Partner Organization Agreement to
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