Section 5.2 Written Technical Proposal
Written Technical Proposal for the Forest Service e-Permitting Intake Module solution. Offerors will need to provide their email address for communication purposes. You will not be able to save this form along the way, it will need to be submitted at one time. For offeror's convenience, the questions have been provided ahead of time in the corresponding GitHub repo. Only one submission will be evaluated (no alternate proposals will be allowed).
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Technical Approach and Understanding
This will be Factor 1 for the purposes of technical evaluation. Offerors shall provide their understanding of the performance objectives for the requirements as described in Section 2. Offerors shall also describe their staffing methodology based on their technical understanding and approach for the requirements with their estimated level of effort to complete. The estimated level of effort shall include a breakdown of labor categories, including the title, number of personnel, and hours.
Tell us about your approach to user research. What methods do you use? How do you analyze your data? How does user research inform your design and development process? (6 sentences maximum) *
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What architectural approach for the intake module do you imagine using? Do you plan on using the existing prototype? Available here: Please be sure to explain why or why not you will be using the prototype. (6 sentences maximum). *
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Tell us about the mitigation strategies you plan to use for the anticipated technical risks and project management for the project. (8 sentences maximum) *
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