Imagery Questionnaire + 1:1 Enrolment
Welcome! This is the first step of our journey working together.

My hope is that this questionnaire works as a two way road. For me, your answers will naturally help me understand you better. And for you there's a sense of how our 1:1 calls will feel.

The questions are designed to encourage you to imagine, to paint mental pictures and to describe them. This is called 'imagery' and it's a tool I work with often in my coaching.

I hope you'll find it fun and although perhaps a little difficult to start with, I hope it gets easier as you go along. Take is easy, it's not an exam and the lighter you are with yourself the more intersting stuff might come up for you.

Let the images come to you naturally, they may just pop in like fireflies, or it might feel as if they float up from the
deep. If possible pick a moment when you're already in a relaxed state to do this exercise.

Feel free to write as much as you like for any of the questions, really allow yourself to free flow, it's all welcome here and will allow me to get to know more about you before we start our face to face work together.

Lastly I'd like to whole heartedly thank you for allowing me into your process, and honour your courage as a creative business owner. We are the change makers.
Now lets begin.
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Where do you think you are in your business right now? - Think in terms of a journey. Are you excitedly packing your bags? Or have you already set off and are now feeling a bit unsure of the path ahead? Maybe you feel you are at a cross roads deciding which path to take? *
How does it feel to be in your business right now? Can you paint me a picture using whatever images spring to mind? *
And how would you LIKE to feel in your business? Again, can you paint me a picture using whatever images spring to mind? *
If these two images are quite different, can you see the reason for that? *
How would you describe your 'Creative Fire'? - If you don't know you can do the quiz on my website here *
How true for you is this statement? - "I wake each day with passion." *
Totally True
Not at all True
How true for you is this statement? - "I feel optimistic about what lies ahead." *
Totally True
Not at all True
If you and your creativity were a ship about to set sail, what motto would be written on your flag?
After a long voyage you and your business finally 'arrive' at your final destination. Tell me what that would look or feel like for you? ( I know this is a hard one, its' really about how you define success. ) *
Finally can you tell me a little about your BIO photo on IG. Why did you choose that image to represent you there? *
Are there any other stories about your life that have come to mind while filling out this questionnaire that you'd like to tell me about?
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