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It’s practically impossible to never make a mistake. And it’s like that for everyone. From your parents to that valedictorian who got into every single Ivy League university they applied for (with scholarships!) to the CEO of Google, the failure count is unbelievable. It’s unbelievable, because it’s the norm to pretend like we didn’t accidentally refer to our interviewer by the wrong name or fuck up a really important business deal, and instead, act like we’re on top of our game 24/7. But guess what? That’s really goddamn tiring.

SO, in the spirit of owning up to our fuck-ups and channeling regret into motivation to learn from these experiences, we’re organizing our very first (of hopefully many) Screw-Up Night! You'll hear talks from people willing to share their failures, and we'll talk about them. We learn more from our failures than we do our wins.

Please provide the right email as we'll be sending the Zoom event details and invitation here.
See you on July 4 starting 9PM!
UPDATE: We'll be starting Screw-up Night around 9:20PM to give our core team some time to transition from our talk earlier in the evening.

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