We need your help for our next art show: Fall Behind the Redwood Curtain!
What's your watershed? 

A watershed is a land area that channels rainfall and snowmelt to creeks, streams, and rivers, and eventually to outflow points such as reservoirs, bays, and the ocean

We have many beautiful watersheds in Humboldt County and this year for our art show, we would love to highlight the beauty, flora, and fauna of our major watersheds. 

With your help, we will give community sourced watershed descriptions to local artists who will create art based on the information you provide to us in this form. 

The finished art work will be on display at Humboldt Herb and Market, and in early 2023 we will host a charity auction titled "Fall Behind the Curtain."  

25% of the proceeds from the art auction will be given to a non-profit chosen by Humboldt Herb and Market, and 75% of the proceeds will go to supporting the artists involved in the show. 

This event is sponsored by Herb & Market Humboldt. 
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Find your watershed on this beautiful map by our friends at Pen and Pine!
Based on the map above, which watershed are you in?
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What three colors come to mind when you think about your watershed?
What animals do you see in your watershed?
What fruits, vegetables, and other crops are cultivated in your watershed?
Tell us anything else you love about your watershed below!
Do you cultivate food, flowers, or cannabis in your watershed (commercially or as a hobby)?
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If you do cultivate food, flowers, or cannabis in your watershed, would you be interested in having a local artist visit for a tour? 
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