Start a New Society Application Form (2020-21)
Please make sure you've read our New Societies Guidance Document before completing this application form. This can be found here (please note you will need to sign into your QMUL account):

The Societies Board will next meet on January 14th to review these applications so if you would like your application to be approved then please submit by Thursday 7th January, 9:00am, at the latest.
Email address *
What's the name of your new society? *
Would you be a Mile End (ME), Barts and The London (BL), or BL (Gozo) society? *
For more information about the difference between ME and BL societies see the New Societies Guidance document.
What category of society would you like to be? *
For more information about the differences between these categories please see the New Societies Guidance document. Please note that the category you've selected may be changed by the Societies Board so that your categorisation best matches your society aims.
Description of the society you would like to start. *
Please list the 3 main aims of the society. *
Please note that society aims automatically stay the same each year and can only be changed by society members in the AGM. More information about developing society aims can be found in the New Societies Guidance document. Please note that fundraising for charity cannot be the main aim of a society.
What are the 3 main objectives you'd like to achieve in 2020-21? *
Examples could include a minimum number of paid members, a minimum number of events, running a specific campaign, etc.
What kind of activities do you have planned? *
Due to the current government restrictions, we are unable to take any physical room books on campus, and societies are not allowed to hold off-campus events without prior approval. Instead, we are encouraging groups to hold events virtually. If your application is approved, please outline what kind of activities you will be running below.
Standard membership fee. *
Minimum £1, recommended £5. Please note that membership fees cannot be changed mid-year.
Do you want any additional types of memberships? If yes, please detail the membership type and cost below.
Such as 2-year memberships, associate membership for alumni. If yes, please detail the membership type and cost below.
How do you intend to gain income for your society? *
This could be, for example, from membership sales, sponsorship, donations, etc.
Please provide the details of your School Staff Support (if applicable - include name, position and email address).
A society’s School Staff Support is a key contact within an academic School. School Staff Supports are normally Student Engagement Officers, Education Officers or Course Leaders, but it can be anyone in a school who is willing to support your society. School Staff Supports normally help societies get access to school newsletters to promote society activities, school alumni networks and other useful resources within your school. Having a School Staff Support is most relevant for Academic Societies and Educational, Employability and Enterprising Societies, but all societies are welcome to have a School Staff Support if they feel it would be beneficial to their group.
Are you planning to be affiliated to an external organisation? If yes, please provide details below including any affiliation costs. *
Please note that society members need to vote on external affiliations. The Students' Union must be informed of any society external affiliations and any costs attached to them.
Any other information you’d like to add about your application to start a new society? E.g. if you are quite similar to another society, how will you differ?
Examples can include what would you plan to do during your first few events; how often; if you would be planning to do any large scale/flagship events; and if you are planning to or have already been in contact with other societies. If your society runs a risk of being too similar to a pre-existing society, how do you differ to them exactly; have you already been in touch with them? If you want to be a specialist society how much interest do you already have for it?
Please tick the following statements to show that you have read, understood, and agree to them should your application be successful:
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