Contribute to the Emergency Response Bail Fund
Thank you for your contribution to keeping trans people safe. Your donation IS NOT TAX DEDUCTIBLE but it is greatly appreciated. You will receive an acknowledgement and the undying gratitude of people you may never meet, the highest form of charity. Because your contribution will be used to post bail for many persons over time it will be saving lives in perpetuity.
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If you would like this contribution to be in honor of/in memory of someone please indicate below. If you provide an email address we will notify them.
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We are grateful for your financial support and also welcome your participation as a volunteer. Whatever it is you love to do, we need it! To volunteer in any capacity please fill out this form *
To make a contribution of any amount, please Venmo to @Emergency-Release-Fund or Paypal to (If you don't use Venmo or PayPal please email us at ) *
If you're having trouble finding us on Venmo, scan this QR code from within your Venmo app (look for 'scan code' ).
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