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The Curiosity Project (

This project will focus on curiosity, wonder, and amazement. With curiosity, I'm looking at the motivation people have for learning new information and gaining new experiences. With wonder, I'm looking at the amazement that follows information and experiences. When people think of "child-like curiosity," I think they're really referring to child-like amazement, the ability of a child to be amazed at everything, big or small. Cultivating that amazement is the motivation behind this project.

As part of this project, I am documenting stories of curiosity, wonder, and amazement, finding out what makes people curious and what amazes them. What experiences have you had that made you curious? What experiences have left you full of wonder and amazement? From amazement at a fragile blade of grass growing through a sidewalk crack to fascination in volcanology, I want to hear your story.

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