Science in the Community: Exhibit Sign Up
GOAL: Encourage our community members to sign up for programs that promote education and activism in science, and connect various organizations with each other.

Science in the Community (SITC) is a networking and educational fair for children and adults. It will be held on Saturday, April 29th, from 10:30AM-12:30PM at the Champaign Public Library. We are inviting groups who promote education and/or activism related to science to have a table at our fair. There is no cost for this event. Exhibitors should bring something that educates the public about their work in science or their work in activism - be creative! Make it fun and interactive. You might decide your table targets a particular age group or interest, or your material might be good for everyone who visits. We encourage you to bring flyers or handouts (or make it perfectly clear how people can find you later on). We also encourage you to bring a device to collect contact information for mailing lists (like a tablet, laptop, chromebook, etc).

Per the rules of the library, NO weapons, incendiary devices, or explosives. You may not sell anything at this event (however, you may direct people to purchase products later on). You may allow people to register or sign-up for activities that have a fee.

Groups that are voluntary and/or not-for-profit in nature pay no fee. For-profit organizations pay a $25 fee that will cover costs associated with SITC, and the rest will be donated to a local STEM education group (TBD). For-profit businesses: your exhibit MUST be educational or informative. Advertising must not be the primary goal of your exhibit, but you may include brochures/handouts or promotional items. If you have any questions about your company's exhibit, please contact

Finally, exhibitors must agree that their organization operates on the principles of the March for Science CU's mission statement, which can be found on our website Your organization should be inclusive and promote science. We will review all exhibit applications and we reserve the right to decline applications from organizations that don't share the values that March for Science promotes.

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