Selling Art
Hi, I'm wanting to set up a shop selling my art and so I just wanted to get some feedback and gauge peoples' preferences on my pieces. All responses are anonymous, thank you for taking part!
Do you like the overall design of these pieces? *
Captionless Image
If you don't like these designs, would you recommend this art to others and if so why? Or what would you change?
Which colour background out of the below do you prefer? *
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Would you be interested in buying this art for yourself or someone else? *
If you would be interested in buying this art, which format would you prefer? (You can select multiple formats)
If you wouldn't be interested in buying this art, what would make you more interested in buying it?
Do you feel that the below prices are reasonable? *
Poster A3 - £15, Poster A4 - £12, Picture A5 - £10, Postcards - £2.50 individually or any 6 for £10
If you don't feel that those prices are reasonable, how much would you be willing to pay?
Thank you for your help and time!
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