School-wide Culture Check
A tier of support for teachers is for us to observe both instruction and behavior in the building. This allows us to collect data on what is happening in your class, and gives us a more focused lens to offer a plan of support. Take a moment to review her feedback. See her if you have any questions or concerns.
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Student Actions/Engagement *
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Student Behavior: Actively engaged in lesson
Student Behavior: Behaving respectfully toward one another and the teacher
Student Behavior: Complying with teacher's posted expectations
Student Behavior: Talking while the teacher is talking
Student Engagement: Opportunities to respond were present
Student Engagement: Opportunities to discuss with peers were present
Student Engagement: Students responded correctly to questions/directives
Student Engagement: Talking (off task) while the teacher is delivering instruction
Teacher Actions *
Strongly Agree
Strongly Disagree
Not observed
Teacher Behavior: Using praise effectively
Teacher Behavior: Correcting misbehavior fluently (calmly,consistently, briefly, and immediately)
Teacher Behavior: Actively observing students (walking/scanning with tool in hand)
Teacher Behavior: Following the Progressive Steps of Discipline with fidelity (calmly,consistently, briefly, and immediately)
Teacher Behavior: Students are talking about content, and the teacher is able to redirect them when they get off task
Teacher Engagement: Teacher actively utilizing the lesson displayed on the Lesson Plan Powerpoint
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