Pulsoid big survey
The form will take 10-15 minutes, and will help us to create a better tool! Thank you for contribution!

We've decided to start our yearly(okay, I admit it, we did the last one over 2 years ago) users research to understand Pulsoid users and develop a better product. All information will be processed and summarized to improve user journey, plan future improvements, improve communication and content. All your detailed answers will help us and we hope it will make Pulsoid a better tool for you.

The form is anonymous 🦸
The form has 3 main sections + 2 additional questions where you can share all your thoughts and email address if you want to be contacted.
PART 1. Pulsoid features. How do you use Pulsoid.
For how long do you use Pulsoid?
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What hesitations did you have before using Pulsoid? 🤔
This question is important for us to understand weak parts of Pulsoid, please let us know about internal barriers you had.
How did you learn how to set up Pulsoid?
Why do you use Pulsoid?
How often do you use Pulsoid?
Do you know about the BRO plan with advanced features?
What could make BRO plan more valuable for you?
What other features do you expect to see in Pulsoid in the future?
📩 How would you like to find out about Pulsoid new features?
Is it enough information about new features?
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💡 What streaming tool we should integrate with? How it should work?
What is the most important for you in Pulsoid?
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