Cornell Maddie's Shelter Medicine Fellowship Application
Thank you for applying to our Fellowship. Please note that a completed application includes all of the following: this form, a CV, a short statement of intent, a letter of support from shelter management at your shelter, and a project proposal. After completing this form, please email the other items en masse to Sarah Nickerson at

Please also note that, if selected, you will be expected to travel to attend a 4 day Fellowship meeting in Ithaca, NY, from 9/28 at 10am to 10/1 at 12pm, as well as at least one mentored shelter consultation (at a different shelter) during your fellowship year. Online obligations include every other Monday 6pm National Rounds Meetings, and every-other-week Fellowship Conference Calls.

Phone number
Shelter of Employment
Veterinary college attended and years of attendance
Years employed as a DVM
Years employed as a DVM in a shelter
Summary of previous shelter medicine training
Top three reasons you want to do this fellowship
Please verify that you are able to attend the following
Other comments you would like us to know that are not captured by the other items you are submitting?
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