New Service Survey
Dear friends of Strathfield 9am and Croydon Park @ 10,

We praise and thank God for the numerical and spiritual growth of our English services.

As a church, we are prayerfully considering planting a new English speaking service as a strategic opportunity to further the growth of the church and the kingdom of God. It is envisaged the new service would be an afternoon or evening service.

Reasons for considering a new service to promote gospel growth include:

o Relieving the pressure of numbers at S9 service, making room for new people to join the church
o Providing new opportunities for members to use their gifts and serve in their own ministry
o Offering another option for time of day when people can attend church
o The potential for another style of service

Starting a new service is an exciting opportunity and a significant endeavour for the church as a whole. It needs to be considered carefully to avoid unhelpful divisions, and requires not only the vision and leadership of pastors and deacons but also the input, ownership and commitment of the members. Some people would need to leave their current service to join the potential new service. Others who stay in their current service would need to release and send out those who go. And across all services, many would need to take on new roles to see all our services continue growing as vibrant, loving, intergenerational communities reaching out with God’s love and truth in Jesus.

So an important early step is to hear from you – everyone who is part of S9 and CP@10. We invite and encourage you to share your thoughts on a potential new service in this survey.

The survey can be filled out over in here online, or on the paper form available at church.

Yours in Christ,

The Pastors and Deacons
Strathfield 9am and Croydon Park @10

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1. Please indicate your age group
2.a) Do you see the need / benefits for a new service?
2.b) Why / why not? (Give reasons)
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3. What is your preferred day and time for the new Service? (You may tick more than one) Please consider what would suit you and what would be best for inviting Service?
4. How likely are you to attend?
5. How interested will you be to take an active role in serving this proposed service?
6. What ways would you be interested in serving (eg. Music, Welcoming Team, General Affairs)
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7. What other ministries would you need in order to attend the proposed service? (you may tick more than one)
8. What would you hope for in a new service?
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9. Any Other Comments
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