Radical Support Collective Supporter Survey

Thank you for offering your support to the RSC! This is a tremendous adventure that we are embarking on and we want to have all sorts of brilliant minds (like you!) on our side so that we can contribute generously as we all build a thriving world.

Please take a few minutes to fill out this survey to let us know what support you would love to offer. We will follow up with you to plug you in!

We deeply appreciate your love and support.

All the best,
Jess, Seth & Anastasia

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What kind of support are you interested in offering?
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These are roles we want to fill as we grow our business. Would you be interested in filling one of these roles down the line?
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What are the skills, ideas, connections etc that you would love to offer?
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Given where our world and social change movements are at now, what do you think the world needs that RSC stands to offer?
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What about our work resonates with you?
What were you inspired by in what we shared? What did we share that feels apt to you given where the world / our movements are at? What do you appreciate about what we are up to?
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Do you have any constructive feedback to offer right now?
We want to hear your feedback so we can improve the quality and impact of our work. Do you have questions, concerns, things that aren't resonating yet? Are there concepts you're feeling challenged by or areas we may be 'missing the mark' on needs we are trying to address?
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We'd love your suggestions on similar concepts and work!
Do you have book recommendations for us? Want to connect us with folks doing similar work? We'd love to hear your suggestions!
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Are there potential clients that come to mind for you as you read our purpose?
We are excited to connect with individuals, teams, and organizations.
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Are there people you think might like to be potential members of our collective? If so, who?
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