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Thank you for your interest in joining FrontierDAO. Each and every one of you, our members, are valued additions to our community.  We welcome your input, your contributions, your unique perspectives and life experiences that you bring.   

Once you have accrued/ earned the minimum amount of $FUZN for membership, you will be issued a NFT. That NFT, non-transferable, is what will give you governance (voting) rights in DAO proceedings, decisions, proposals. 

Your membership will require an annual refresh of a set percentage of $FUZN tokens and also good standing in the ecosystem per the community's standards of 'reputation management.'

Basic community conduct guidelines are available in our Discord server. Please jump into Discord and introduce yourself. 

Or if you prefer other means of communicating, please leave your preferred contact info here. We look forward to connecting and co-creating! 
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For Steward Tier Memberships - what is the best way to reach you to set up a meeting? (Calendly link is preferred) 
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Please go to this link to validate your Membership. If you prefer to use USDC or another method for $FUZN purchase, please leave your ETHereum public wallet address here and best method of contact.
For Basic Membership Level 1 or 2 this requires work exchange contribution for a minimum of 3 months (about 120 hours). How many hours per week can you commit to? 
For Basic Membership Level 1 & 2 Work Exchange what skills do you bring? (Web3 skill sets, design, coordination, communications, self-directed task management, community moderation, & more...!) 
Let us know what kind of dish(es) you'll be bringing
(For Work Exchange applicants) - Are you willing to work on a milestone/ deliverables basis? (Projects are assigned with an estimated amount of time for deliverables).
What time zone are you in?
Can you offer a mentorship to any of our community? (Include, please, qualifications and organizational affiliation)
Are you requesting a mentorship?  In what field? (Must be in one of our verticals)
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Thank you! 
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