Fair Housing Survey
All U. S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) funding recipients under the Community Development Block Grant program are obligated by law to reduce barriers to fair housing. Therefore, reducing housing discrimination, promoting diverse inclusive communities, and affirmatively furthering fair housing (AFFH) and equal opportunity have been and remain a priority for Waterford Township.  
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1. Are you a Waterford Township resident? *
2. How much do you know about fair housing laws, including State of Michigan Fair Housing Law?
3. Have you or anyone you know ever experienced housing discrimination?
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4. If yes, which of the following best describes the person or organization that discriminated against you or the person you know?
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5. What describes the location where the discrimination occurred?
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6. What do you believe was the basis for the discrimination you or the person you know experienced?
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7. What have you observed as limiting factors to fair housing choices in Waterford Township, Michigan?
8. Do you think your housing choices are limited to certain geographic areas or neighborhoods in Waterford Township, Michigan?
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9. Do you think certain geographic areas or neighborhoods in Waterford Township, Michigan are undesirable?
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10. Do you think there is an adequate supply of affordable housing available in Waterford Township, Michigan? *
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Not enough
I'm unsure
In general
People with disabilities
Senior citizens
People with children
11. What would you do, or did you do, if you were discriminated against in housing choice?(check all that apply)
12. What information have you seen/heard regarding fair housing programs, laws or enforcement?(check all that apply)
13. Is there a need for fair housing information in other languages? (If answering yes list languages in other field.)
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14. In your opinion, how effective are the current fair housing laws, programs and enforcement mechanisms?
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15. What do you think would be the most effective ways to inform people about their fair housing rights and/or responsibilities? (check all that apply)
16. Of which ethnic or cultural group are you considered a member?
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17. Based on your current knowledge, which of the following categories are protected by fair housing laws? (check all that apply)
18. Do you or someone in your household belong to a “protected class?” A protected class is a group of people that the law protects against illegal discrimination.
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19. If you answered yes to the question above, to which protected classes do you/your household belong? (check all that apply)
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