PEICC Display Case Application
YEAR ROUND DISPLAYS: Gateway Village is the only display area open to the public year round for the use of members who have had their work accepted under PEICC Standards Guidelines, and have similar product available for sale at their own studio or other outlets. Product should be accompanied by member's business card and/or relevant information on where the items are available. This case has proven to be an excellent and cost efficient form of visual advertising that provides public exposure to the quality handcrafts produced by PEICC members. Even in the off-season, the awareness is still there.

The POP-UP Gallery – 138 Great George St., Charlottetown The PEICC has a new office and mini-gallery space at 138 Great George St., 2nd floor (above Beanz Café). Displays of products will be the primary focus of the gallery space with several display pedestals and shelves and racks available for member product display. Part of the space will display product samples for a variety of members, and the rest of the space will be used for Solo Exhibitions of member products. This space will be provide for one month periods in off- season, and two week periods during summer season. There is no charge for this display space, however it is available for juried members of the PEICC only. Space is allocated on a first come first served basis, so register soon.

Display cases are booked on a first-come/first-served basis. Fees are used to cover wages, mileage, long distance phone calls and display material. Please note: The PEICC no longer provides insurance coverage for theft due to break-in or loss through fire. Check with your own company if you wish to ensure protection of your products.

For more information contact: Lily Reaman, 902-892-5152, Make cheques payable to: PEI Crafts Council and dated May 31 or earlier.

NOTE: In order to display in the cases, your membership in the PEICC must be current.

The PEICC co-ordinates Seasonal Visitor Information Centre for PEICC members who have had their work accepted under PEICC Standards Guidelines.

--Displays are set up by a designated person in each area.
--When opening dates become available applicants will be contacted by that person to arrange drop-off of display items.
--Seasonal display cases are usually shared by two or more members
--Items on display in these cases should reflect similar work by the member which is for sale in their own studio or other retail outlets usually (but not necessarily) in the vicinity of the VIC.
-- Products must be accompanied by the member's business card and/or relevant material on where the items are available.
--Items on display are not to be removed until the closing date of any particular centre. Most displays are open for a minimum of 3 months. Cases will be opened only by designated representatives of the PEICC.
--The rate quoted is a per person rate for the season.

The deadline for this application is May 31.

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GATEWAY VILLAGE: Features 2 large cases of Group Displays. $100. June 2017 – May 2018
THE PEICC POP-UP Gallery, Charlottetown: Features numerous pedestal and shelving display spaces, Solo Exhibition. Please indicate preferred time frame: ________________________________________
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