Outdoor Winter project proposal - Laval
Complete the following form in order to submit a project proposal to receive financial aid from Kino-Québec. If you have any questions, contact Guillaume Filiatrault at Gfiliatrault@sportslaval.qc.ca or at 450 664-1917, extension 209.
Important information
The deadline to submit a project proposal is February 1st 2018.

The submitted projects must directly promote the practice of physical activity, the outdoors, as well as take place between February 1st 2018 and March 31st 2018

-Projects must take place in the outdoors;
- In cases where durable material is purchased, they must be useable in the outdoors during the winter period;
-Purchases must be made before March 31st 2018;
-The maximal funding is of 1000$.

The following expenses or inadmissible:
- Taxes;
- Expenses exclusively intended for a citizen or a participant (ex: promotional products, participation prizes, bursaries, etc.);
- Purchase of food;
- Projects which already receive funding from the MEES.

The selected projects will receive a response before February 7th 2018. Once the project is fulfilled, the organization will have to provide any justificatory proof (invoices, contracts, etc.) so as to receive the granted amount.

Definition of an outdoor activity : Physical activity that is practiced in an open setting in harmony with nature’s elements

Outdoors activity:

- Is generally of recreational nature and freely practiced, without eliminating events and other structured activities;

- Allows participants to adapt the physical intensity that the activity requests to their personal capacities and needs;

- Leads to movement and transportation without the use of motorised methods.

- Excludes purely competitive aspects that strive to determine the elite.

- Refers to a way of being, generally in harmony with the surrounding environment, most often dominated by natural elements.

- Is experienced in a relaxed frame of mind with goals of exploration, discovery and adventure

- Includes forms of practices in an urban setting, such as great parks all the way to complete nature.

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