Vita Learn SW Regional Meeting RSVP
JOIN US for our VITA-Learn SW Regional Gathering
January 30, 4-6pm, Proctor Elementary

Proctor Elementary School
14 School Street
Proctor, VT

We're so excited to have Erica Zimmer and some of her RCSU team presenting about Breakout EDU and how they have used the kits in a variety of classrooms. The Breakout EDU kit allows for the facilitation of games where players use teamwork and critical thinking to solve a series of challenging puzzles in order to open the locked box. Games are available for all ages and content areas. Breakout EDU games transfer the ownership of learning from the instructor to the student, making it easy to observe how learners approach problem-solving and apply their knowledge. In addition to the content knowledge needed to succeed in a specific game, all Breakout EDU games require critical thinking, collaboration, creativity and communication. A Breakout EDU game provides learners with many opportunities to fail forward. Every unsuccessful attempt to open a lock forces the player to try again. We'll have one kit as our doorprize, plus one kit to share inside our region.


Meet and Greet
Vita-Learn SW Updates
Breakout EDU orientation and game play
Social time
Breakout EDU kit giveaway if we get more than 10 attendees, so bring your friends!

Hope to see you there!!
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