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無論短trip定長trip都歡迎各位旅人投稿,向其他旅人展示你最獨一無二嘅行程 😄😃

關於我們: 我們期望把各地的自由旅者與世界接軌, 在一個工具上擁有各人獨一無二的旅程, 使旅程計劃從此不一樣! Coming soon. 🎬☕

About us: Glide is a personalised mobile tool for Free Independent Travellers (FITs) to smoothen travel planning. Coming soon.
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這次旅程, 你有事先查看目的地的天氣嗎? (如有, 請說說從那個途俓查看?) Did you check the destination's weather before departing? If so, what tool you used for checking the weather? *
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