NS Customer Survey (motivation)
The purpose of this survey is to better understand why our customers buy our products. The data from it will be used to identify opportunities to satisfy and supplement under-served segments of our userbase. All questions are optional. A summary of overall survey results may be made public, but your individual answers will be kept confidential and anonymous.
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Overlapping sexual interests
Stuff that clearly has something to do with robots.
Non-overlapping sexual interests
Stuff that most people wouldn't think of as being particularly robot-related.
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So why robots?
Things I love about robots:
Select the option that best describes your avatar. If your avatar is non-robotic, describe your preferences for partners instead.
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Related non-sexual interests
What keywords apply to your avatar?
As before, if you are a user rather than a unit, feel free to describe your ideal partner rather than yourself.
Favorite color
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