Help Us Help You: Purchase At-Cost Masks
Welcome to Masks for Humanity! Please fill out this form if you are an organization or non-profit seeking to purchase at least 1000 masks at-cost ($2500). You may also do this on behalf of a group of organizations as long as you meet the minimum order. At the moment, we can only accept requests from organizations operating in the United States or Europe.

We will do our absolute best to fill all requests of PPE, but please be aware we have a limited supply and therefore we cannot guarantee fulfillment.

Please allow up to a week for us to review your responses and confirm your eligibility; we will get back to you as soon as we can.
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Purchase Information and Details
The following questions help give us a better idea of how it is best for you to make the at-cost mask order purchase. You will not pay directly through this form, but we will use the information you give here to provide you with the correct payment method once we have reviewed and approved the request. The minimum order amount for these purchases is $2500 or 1000 masks.
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*We understand that many of the groups we deliver these masks to work with vulnerable/at-risk groups whose location/members need to remain anonymous. We understand why your group might not be able to share a public thank you and this will in no way impact our decision to grant masks when reviewing your request.  We are also used to working with organizations that have security concerns- please be sure to indicate below if you face additional risks so we can take appropriate safeguarding steps.

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Disclaimers & Agreements
I understand that my mask order requires a minimum turnaround for shipping of at least 2 weeks. *
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