CREW Expert/Media Source Availability
As we work on building a portfolio of positive news mentions about CREW Charlotte, we’re in need of volunteers to speak on behalf of CREW Charlotte with local media or sit on expert panels.
This may include:
* Speaking with a copywriter as a source for topical press releases
* Speaking with a reporter during a 3-4 minute live TV segment, during which you’d be asked topical questions from a set of talking points.
* Speaking with a reporter from a print or online publication about a specific topic (for example, how did Charlotte do in term of low income housing in 2017?).

We’re looking for CREW members who are comfortable and willing to speak to media on behalf of CREW. If you meet the following criteria, please let us know by filling out the form below:
* You have spoken on behalf of CREW Charlotte previously or are articulate and abreast of CREW Charlotte’s mission, programs and management.
* Comfortable with having your first and last name published/mentioned on air in connection to CREW Charlotte
* Comfortable with your employer/line of business possibly being mentioned in connection with CREW Charlotte
* Your employer/place of business is accepting of your affiliation with CREW Charlotte
* Your professional experience lends itself to expertise in a specific CRE topic area
* You and your employer are comfortable with you speaking on your own/sharing opinions as an expert in your field, not necessarily as a representative of your employer

Raising your hand doesn’t guarantee that you’ll be speaking with a reporter, but it means you’re comfortable receiving some brief media training, with the knowledge that you may, one day, be called upon to speak with a writer, reporter or appear on TV.

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